Hi, my name is Dennis Ahaus. I am a photographer, videographer and sofware developer from Hemsbach, Germany. I love to meet new people and cultures and i am very exited about traveling around the world. There is no challenge which can not be handled - each is a way to learn. Whenever there is something in life which is difficult you have the opportunity to learn and to develop yourself. By the way dancing, horse riding, diving, badminton, volleyball, playing guitar and drums are also my favourite things i like to do. I have a high amount of motivation and energy which i use to learn all that stuff i am interested in, like: Biology, Physics, Information Technology or Legal. Photography is not a hobby only but more like a passion. I run a photography company together with a friend - we love what we do. I like people who are open minded, social competent, intelligent, tolerant, self confident, motivated and interested - and all those who want that to be.

Regards Dennis

If you like to contact me, here are my "credentials": Dennis Ahaus, dennis.ahaus@gmail.com, Mobile: +49 176 60911844

By the way if you like to join my slack community, feel free to drop me a mail and ask for invitation. There are other like minded people :-).